What do I need to do about my upcoming Salesforce instance refresh?


There are a few steps you can take, depending on the configuration of your mappings:

Read-Only Mappings

If all of your mappings are read only, you don't need to do anything before the instance refresh. Once it's complete, you'll need to log in to your Connect Dashboard and re-authorize your connection in order for sync to resume.

Read-Write Mappings

Connect is designed to detect that Salesforce is in read-only mode and retry sending changes while Salesforce is unavailable. You may also wish to pause your connection from the Connect Dashboard just before the instance refresh starts. This will ensure that any data written to your database gets successfully synced to the correct instance.

Pre-authorizing with My Domain

Salesforce offers a feature called My Domain that allows you to create a persistent hostname that won't change as the result of an instance refresh. Since Connect authorization is based on hostnames, you can configure My Domain for your Salesforce org and re-authenticate with that hostname any time before the instance refresh. Then you won't need to worry about re-authenticating immediately afterwardor for any future instance refreshes. More information is available here.