How do I switch the dyno hosts for apps in Common Runtime and Private Spaces?


I'm seeing poor response times/performance issues with a single dyno.


When we encounter a scenario/situation where a single dyno has has poor response times/performance issues, the best thing to do is to restart that dyno with heroku restart web.<dyno-id>(where <dyno-id> is the id of whichever dyno is affected). That will cause the dyno to be replaced with a new one running on a different host.

$ heroku restart web.1

heroku restart is an alias of heroku ps:restart.

However, this command replaces dyno hosts only for apps in Common Runtime. For Private Space apps, we should use ps:kill or ps:stop:

  • heroku ps:restart web.1: Restarts web.1 onto the same runtime instance.

  • heroku ps:stop web.1: Stops the dyno and the runtime instance, provisions a new host and starts the dyno on this new host. This command not just stops but also starts the dyno.

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