How do I remove myself from a Heroku Team?


You'd like to remove yourself from a Heroku Team.


There are times when a user wishes to remove themselves from a Heroku Team without having to go through an admin of that team.

While this can be done through either the dashboard or the command line, the solutions detailed here focus on the CLI method. (You can also read more about this in Dev Center.) Furthermore, the method of removal depends on your role within the team. (The following examples assume that your team is named example-team and your email address is

Member or Admin

Note: You cannot leave a team if you are the last remaining admin.

$ heroku members:remove --team example-team

Collaborator on any apps owned by a team

Since you are not technically a member of this team, to be disassociated from the team, you must remove yourself from each app for which you are a collaborator.

(This example assumes that you are a collaborator on two apps, each named my-app-1 and my-app-2.)

$ heroku access:remove -a my-app-1
$ heroku access:remove -a my-app-2

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