Heroku Personal Accounts vs Team Accounts


You want to know the difference between Heroku personal and team accounts


Customers can have both a personal account and a team account with individual apps on both. These apps are billed separately to each account to the card on file for each account.

Personal accounts:

Contain only one admin but apps within the account can have collaborators.

How to close a personal account:

  • Select your Avatar in the upper-right hand corner
  • Chose the option Account Settings
  • Select Close this account
  • Warning: Closing your account is irreversible

Team accounts:

  • Team accounts can contain multiple admins
  • Teams contain a credit card separate from your personal account, and any admin on the team can add a card through the billing tab.

Heroku Teams provides simplified Static Permissions on apps owned by the team.
Static Permissions are pre-grouped and fixed to provide for three roles: admin, member, and collaborator.

How to close a team account:

  • Select Settings and then the option to Delete Team.

Deleting your Personal Heroku account does NOT automatically delete your Heroku Team. You must delete the Heroku Team first, then delete your Personal account if you'd like to offboard from the Heroku Platform entirely.

Warning: Do not remove yourself from the Team, as you will not be able to manage the team or team resources.
If you delete your personal account first, you will be unable to log back into Heroku to delete the Team.

Declined Transactions:

If the charge for your personal account or team invoice is declined, we will automatically retry the payment over several business days for a total of 2 times. If your payment is successfully processed during these retries, no further action is required. If you are unsure of the reason for a declined payment, reach out to your financial institution as they will have more insight into the transaction status.

Personal account owners and Heroku Team admins will receive detailed notifications via email for any declined transactions.

Account Suspensions for Non-Payment:

After two (2) unsuccessful payment attempts for an invoice, Personal account holders and Team Admins will have an additional ~7 days to resolve the payment issue before the account is suspended for non-payment.

If your account is suspended for non-payment, applications will not be accessible and you will need to log into the Heroku Dashboard to submit payment. The suspension is lifted as soon as your successful payment is submitted, and this reinstatement also reactivates the apps which were suspended.

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