Why is my credit card declined?


Your invoice payment was declined and you received a Charge Declined notification email or the message Couldn't process the selected invoices in your Dashboard.


When you receive an error of Card Declined, this means that the attempt to process your payment for your recent Heroku invoice has failed. When cards decline, the reason for the decline is generic to protect the card holder's identity. The Heroku Billing Team does not have any visibility beyond the generic decline messaging we receive from the payment processor.

Next steps

It's best to contact your bank for more information as they will have visibility into the reason for the decline. The card-issuing bank will be able to investigate the cause especially if the card has been used successfully for other purchases.


  • Be sure to check the expiration date, card number, and other billing information is correct when updating your card.
  • Disable any software that would block your IP address, such as a VPN
  • Discuss with your bank your current daily withdrawal or purchase limits, as these may lead to unintended declines based on limits set by your bank.
  • If you feel you have resolved the issues with your bank, you can select Pay Now next to your past due invoice to attempt to retry the card on file.

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