Why am I receiving the error "Currently cannot transfer apps with paid resources"?


You're attempting to transfer an application and receiving an error when attempting to complete the transfer.


When trying to transfer an application to another Personal Heroku account or Heroku Team, you are seeing the following error:

  • Item could not be updated:
  • Currently cannot transfer apps with paid resources.

Why is this occurring?

The error message indicates that the following issue exists:

  • The original owner of the application has a verified Heroku account with a registered credit card.
  • The new owner (the account that receives the application transfer) does not have a verified Heroku account with a valid credit card.


If the application has an ongoing cost, such as paid add-ons or dynos, then whoever is accepting the transfer will be asked to enter a credit card before accepting the transfer. The recipient must have a verified Heroku account in order to complete this process. This will ensure that payment will be automatically remitted for paid resources moving forward.

For more information, please see the following Dev Center articles that touch upon transferring applications and account verification:

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