How do I view usage for my Enterprise Team?


You'd like to view usage for your Enterprise Team but the Usage tab in your Dashboard does not display the expected results.


Currently, Heroku Enterprise customers are unable to see their monthly usage, as they do not receive an invoice in the same way that customers pay Heroku directly every month.

Since invoices are generated for Enterprise-level Heroku customers by Salesforce, all of the related Heroku costs appear as one line item on the invoice you receive.

As an alternative, you may download a "Monthly Team Usage" report via your Enterprise Account Dashboard with the following content:

  • Team name
  • Application name
  • Month of billing
  • Dyno units used
  • Heroku Connect rows synced
  • Data add-on usage
  • Third-party add-on usage
  • Third-party add-on & data usage (combined)
  • Heroku Spaces used

Report location

To navigate to the location of where this report can be generated, please view your Enterprise Account (top-level) > Usage > Downloadable Usage. Select the desired month and Download CSV.

You may also request a custom report of a maximum of 31 days. Custom daily usage reports have a maximum report length of 31 days, comprised of the previous 6 months of data.

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