How To Update Salesforce API Version For Heroku Connect Add-on with Minimal Downtime


Heroku Connect customers can only specify the Salesforce API version to use when provisioning a new Heroku Connect add-on. This may mean that customers with add-ons that they have been running for a long time will be on an older version of the Salesforce API. Yet some features of Heroku Connect and Salesforce are only available with newer versions of the Salesforce API. This document explains how to request and prepare for an API upgrade to allow Heroku Connect take advantage of these newer features.


The Heroku Connect team can perform an API upgrade on an existing connection, as long as a few requirements are met:

  • The new API version is compatible with your existing connection
  • A support ticket is filed with Heroku Connect, requesting an upgrade
  • The connection is paused and fully stopped at the time of the upgrade

Salesforce maintains a set of release notes for each version, which you can use to identify which changes apply to your org's usage. If necessary, the Heroku Connect team can help narrow down which specific changes are known to affect your connection directly, but it's important to stay up to date on these changes yourself, because you may see additional side-effects that don't directly affect Heroku Connect, but might affect your application.

When you file a support ticket for the upgrade, please provide the following information:

  1. The connection you'd like to upgrade
  2. The API version you'd like it to use
  3. A requested timeframe for the upgrade to take place

We'll work with you to schedule a time that's best for everyone. That's important because your connection will need to be paused for the duration of the upgrade. This protects your data by preventing any unexpected changes from occurring while data is being processed.

Once the upgrade is complete, you'll be asked to export and re-import your connection's configuration. This will trigger any necessary changes to your connection to accommodate the changes in the API version. Once that's complete, you can resume sync operations on the connection and get your application back online.

NOTE: Each new API version comes with a number of changes to Salesforce's metadata and behavior, which Heroku Connect uses to interact with your data consistently. Support staff will notify you of potential issues that might affect your upgraded connection, but we can only anticipate so many scenarios. It's entirely possible that an upgrade may have an adverse impact on your application, so it's always best to research and test this process in a staging environment first.

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