How Do I Find The "Heroku Login URL" and "ACS URL" For Setting Up The Azure AD Identity Provider ?


As mentioned in the document for setting up Azure AD Identify Provider: step-1-set-up-the-identity-provider-idp-side-azure-ad

Where can I find the below app properties from the Heroku Organization to provide it in the Azure IdP ?

  1. Sign-on URL: provide Heroku Login URL
  2. App ID URI: provide your ACS URL


The Heroku values will appear after the initial SSO setup of adding the Identify Provider URLs and certificate.

Those values are standardized based on the team name, so here are the details of the Heroku Service Provider :

NOTE: Replace team-name with your team for which you will be setting the SSO.

You can find the Team name : [Enterprise Team > Settings > Info > Team Name ]

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