How can I take a logical backup of large Heroku Postgres databases?


You want to capture a logical backup of a large (20GB+) Heroku Postgres database.


Heroku PGBackups (ref: are primarily intended for databases under moderate load, up to 20GB in size. If you wish to capture a logical backup for databases larger than this, or under heavy load, please consider the following suggestions.

Capture against a fork

Logical backups should be taken against a short-lived fork (ref: of your Heroku Postgres database. This allows you to place the extra load produced by capturing a logical backup on the fork, without impacting your production database and followers.

Capture from a large one-off dyno

For logical backups that are failing using pg:backups, you may wish to consider using pg_dump on a detatched one-off dyno (ref: of sufficient compute power, like a Performance-L (ref:

You can generate a dump that is the same as pg:backups with pg_dump -F c --no-acl --no-owner --quote-all-identifiers $DATABASE_URL, and optionally use the --jobs flag to parallelise the dump operation. You can also adjust the amount of compression with the --compress flag. More can be found on this configuration at

After the dump is complete, you will need to transfer the dump to long term storage of your choice. When using one-off dynos, you will have a limit of 24 hours to complete the dump and upload.

Capture from a VPS/server

For logical backups that will take longer than 24 hours, or otherwise exceed the limitations of a one-off dyno, you may wish to consider using a VPS, or a physical server should you own one. You will need to install the relevant Postgres tools and provide sufficient access to your Heroku Postgres instance.


As pg_dump runs using a Heroku Postgres credential when passing the connection string, information stored in the system catalog, like roles (ref: are not included in the generated dump.

pg_dump performance suffers greatly when large objects (ref: are being used, or if there are very many database objects, normally due to a large number (50+) of schema.


There are also third-party solutions in the Add-ons Marketplace that can help with this process.

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