Why is my Connect instance paused, inactive or ICED?


Connect has stopped syncing because it is in the PAUSED or SYSTEM_ON_ICE state due to lack of activity. You should see a paused, due to inactivity message in your logs. On some occasions, connections have will have been placed into the ICED state, usually because they became inactive a very long time ago.


If you are in a PAUSED state, you can resume the connection by following the instructions in DevCenter. If you're Connection has been ICED then you will need to file a support ticket to request access to be reenabled. Once it has been re-enabled, it will be placed into a PAUSED state rather than ICED if it becomes inactive again.

Connect's behaviour for inactive demo connections is as follows. These limits do not apply to the paid plans.

  • After 7 days of inactivity Connect will reduce mapping poll times to once an hour.
  • After 14 days of inactivity Connect will reduce mapping poll times to once a day.
  • After 31 days of inactivity Connect will pause the connection.

'Activity' in this case is defined as new data being synced from Salesforce.

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