[End of Heroku Free Plans] Database deleted/Restore database/App down


My application is not working after the removal of free plans in Heroku


Common cases or FAQs which will expedite your resolution:

You see an "Application error" when you access your app or "No web processes running" in your application logs:

You see the Heroku marked free databases for deletion banner on the dashboard and want to verify if your Postgres or Redis instance has been deleted

Your free Postgres instance (hobby-dev) is removed with the removal of free plans in Heroku and you would like to recover the deleted database.

The Heroku Postgres databases are stored for recovery purposes post-deletion internally for a temporary grace period. This involves those instances affected by free plan removal. Beyond this grace period, the data is permanently removed and not recoverable. Currently, all instances affected by free plan removal have passed the grace period, hence, not recoverable.

Alternatively, a deleted database can be recovered using the latest backups available. If you had a scheduled or manual backup before deletion then you can restore that backup into a new Postgres database.

You are not able to find the deleted Postgres add-on name:

  • You can run heroku releases -a <app-name> from CLI to find out the exact detached Postgres add-on name. You can also find the add-on by going through the release activity from the dashboard by navigating to the Overview tab for a particular app

You would like to have a dump file for the deleted database:

  • Unfortunately, we cannot provide a dump for a deleted database, the only possible way is to restore the deleted Postgres database to a newly provisioned Postgres instance

Your free Redis instance is removed with the removal of free plans in Heroku and you would like to recover the deleted Redis instance:

  • Unfortunately, we do not have a way to recover data from a deleted Heroku Data for Redis instance as free plans for Heroku Data for Redis don't persist instance data hence the data on the instance is lost

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