How can I establish connection to my Private Space VPN?


I created a VPN gateway on my Private Space following the instruction on the Dev Center article Private Space VPN Connections but I am still having a difficulty in establishing connections to the VPN gateway from my end.


Heroku's VPN gateways are built on AWS's Customer Gateway. It maybe worth while going through the troubleshooting guide by AWS at as well as Amazon VPC Network Administrator Guide applicable to your device linked from .

If you still have a difficulty, please let us know the following information:

  • What is the name of the Private Space?
  • What is the brand of the device?
  • What is the model of the device?
  • What it the firmware version, if available?
  • Might it be possible for you to share with us the current configure script? Please make sure to redact secrets like pre-shared keys.
  • Are there any logs during the attempt to establish connection?

We maybe able to provide you with a sample configuration script as well as more detailed information specific to the device.

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