Why do I see "Item could not be updated/retrieved. Unknown Error" on the Dashboard


One of the following errors is displayed when using the Dashboard:

  • Item could not be updated/retrieved. Unknown Error. Please contact support
  • Item could not be modified
  • Item could not be created
  • Unable to fetch account


This error is usually caused by a firewall, browser config, or adblocking tool.

We recommend you:

  1. Check for browser config issues. e.g:

    • Try your request in an incognito session or a different browser to confirm.
    • Try clearing your browser cache
    • Try using an alternative browser
  2. Check your network to see if you have any restrictions blocking heroku.com domains. For example, we have seen advertising domain lists that incorrectly include api.metrics.heroku.com

    • Add heroku.com domains to adblockers, e.g. PiHole, etc.
  3. Check your firewall for restrictions and circumvent it somehow. e.g.

    • Use a VPN (Customers using NordVPN's CyberSec - Block ads and malware feature have experienced a similar issue, we suggest having the feature turned off while accessing Heroku Application metrics or dashboard)
    • Try a physically different location that has a different Internet connection.

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