How do I know if my Heroku account has been deleted?


  • You've recently deleted your Heroku account and would like to verify that it has been deleted.


  • Your Heroku account may have been deleted and you're unsure, so you'd like to know how to verify if you still have an active account


If your Heroku account has been deleted, the following will apply:

  1. You will not be able to log into the Heroku Dashboard with your email and password
  2. When attempting to reset your password, you do not receive a link from Heroku to complete the password reset process
  3. You are attempting to access Heroku via CLI and all commands fail.
    • Additionally, you're asked you to log into your Heroku account via command line.

If you're experiencing all of the above, you must create a new account at if you wish to continue using Heroku.

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