Why am I being charged twice for my Heroku Enterprise usage?


You’re a Heroku Enterprise customer and you have been charged twice this month for Heroku services. This occurs mainly when your Heroku contract ends with Salesforce. If you noticed that you've been charged directly by Heroku this month, this article applies to your situation.


If you have an active Heroku Enterprise contract, payments for your usage are paid directly to Salesforce. When your Heroku contract ends, your account will transition to monthly billing and you will be billed by Heroku.

In cases where your contract ends mid-month, you'll be charged by Salesforce for the usage while under contract, and for Heroku for the remainder of the month after your contract expired.


This example serves to explain what types of charges to expect if your Heroku contract ends, mid-month.

  • Your Heroku contract ends on January 15th
  • You’ve paid Salesforce directly for Heroku usage up through January 15th
  • On February 5th, you receive a new invoice from Heroku directly
  • This invoice is for usage incurred from January 15th - January 31st

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