Grails 2.x is deprecated with support ending June 1, 2017


We will be ending our support for the Grails 2.x framework on June 1, 2017. The Grails framework core team ceased active development of Grails 2.x on November 25, 2015. The core Grails team has turned its attention towards Grails 3.x exclusively and is no longer actively fixing bugs or making security updates to 2.x.


Your Grails 2.x apps will continue to work on Heroku, but the buildpack will no longer be automatically detected after June 1, 2017. To continue using Grails 2.x, set the buildpack manually:

heroku buildpacks:set

The buildpack will no longer receive updates of new JDK versions and framework point releases. While Heroku customer support does its best to lend a hand with unsupported languages/frameworks, we will no longer officially answer Grails 2.x technical questions.

We suggest upgrading your app to a newer 3.x version of the framework. After youve made the code changes necessary to support Grails 3.x, you can use the Gradle buildpack. Heroku customer support will continue to answer Grails 3.x technical questions.

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