Are free add-on plans affected by the announced free plan changes?

Third-party partner add-ons are not affected by the plan changes. You may continue to use whatever plans our add-on partners provide.

You can also use the free Heroku Scheduler add-on, but your jobs must use paid dynos. You must reconfigure any existing Scheduler jobs that use free dynos to use another dyno type before November 28th, 2022 or your jobs will fail after this date.

You can also use the free demo Heroku Connect plan. However, you still need to upgrade any hobby-dev Heroku Postgres databases you use with Heroku Connect before November 28th, 2022 to avoid database deletion. We will queue free databases up for deletion after this date.

See our blog post and the Removal of Heroku Free Product Plans FAQ for more info related to the ending of free plans.

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