How can I get more information about a bulk job that Heroku Connect is waiting on?


You want to get more information about a bulk job that’s taking a long time to write data to your Salesforce org.


While your connection is in the POLLING_DB_CHANGES state, you may see this log entry:

"Waiting for bulk job to complete: <bulk job ID>"

Heroku Connect logs this message when it’s using the Salesforce Bulk API to write changes to your Salesforce org. The Bulk API is asynchronous and Heroku Connect needs to wait for the bulk job to complete before it can continue. The duration of the wait can vary depending on a number of factors, including the number of records being written and size of the other bulk jobs that may be running in your org. While waiting, your connection will remain in the POLLING_DB_CHANGES state.

In order to obtain additional information on the status of the bulk processing job, the log entry includes a bulk job ID. With this ID in hand:

  • Navigate to your Salesforce organization, and enter Setup.
  • In Setup, click on Bulk Data Load Jobs

On this screen, you can see information about the bulk data job that is being run.

When the process is completely finished, Connect will output this log entry to inform you of this: “Bulk job has finished: <bulk job ID>“

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