Why am I not able to provision an add-on to an application, if I already have a card on file?


You're attempting to install a Heroku Add-on to an application, and unable to do this from your Dashboard.


Access to provisioning Heroku Add-ons to applications varies based on whether you are attempting to complete this process in a Personal Heroku account or a Heroku Team.

Heroku Personal accounts

When you are logged into a Personal Heroku account, you will be able to provision Heroku Add-ons for your applications as the owner of the application. This requires that you have a verified Heroku account with a valid credit card on file.

For more information on account verification, please see the following Dev Center article:

Heroku Teams

To begin, make sure that you are listed as the admin of the Heroku Team that contains the application you wish to edit. Admins will be able to make changes/manage the applications on the Heroku Team.

Collaborator & member roles in Heroku Teams & Personal accounts

  • If you have Collaborator access to an application that is part of a Personal Heroku account, you will not be able to provision add-ons.
  • Also, if you have Collaborator or Member access as part of a Heroku Team, you will not be able to provision add-ons to an application.

If you attempt to provision an add-on to an application and are listed with the role of Collaborator, you will receive the following warning:

You do not have permission to manage paid add-on resources on example-application. Only the app owner, example@example.com, can do that.

Error Provisioning User - User status - banned

Please request that the application owner complete the process for you.

Note: Even If your Personal Heroku account is verified with a valid credit card number, you will not be able to provision add-ons on a Heroku Team for an application you are a Collaborator or Member of via your Dashboard.

See the following Dev Center articles for more information:


Request assistance

If you are the owner of an application and are encountering issues, please open a support ticket for assistance. Be sure to indicate the name of the application affected, the contents or details of the error message, and anything else that might help diagnose the problem.

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