Where can I find more information about Sunsetting Storage of Connection Logs for Heroku Connect?


I received an email notification with the subject Heroku Connect: Sunsetting Storage of Connection Logs and I would like more information about this change.


Storage of the last 10 days of historical logs will be removed from the Heroku Connect service on Friday the 12th of April 2019. No action is required on your part; post-discontinuation, you will need to configure a log drain to continue having access to historical logs from Heroku Connect.

How do I configure a log drain for Heroku Connect?

It depends on whether or not you use Shield Private Spaces. If you use Shield Private Spaces, log drains are configured at the space level. Otherwise, log drains are configured at the app level. You will need to configure your log drain on either the space or the app that is associated with your Heroku Connect add-on.

What will the Logs tab of the Heroku Connect dashboard look like starting on April 12, 2019?

The Logs tab will continue to be present on the Heroku Connect dashboard, but it will only stream logs as they occur. It will not display any of the logs that were written prior to loading the tab.

How do I view historical logs from Heroku Connect?

You will need configure a log drain as described above, which will send your logs to either a logging add-on provider or your own log drain. Then you'd use the logging add-on provider or your own tooling to view and analyze the logs from Heroku Connect.

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