Why can't I delete my Review App as it throws 'Internal server error' at times?


When trying to delete a review app from a pipeline, you see the error Item could not be removed: Internal server error..


This error is usually isolated to the pipelines UI, and has an easy workaround. You can still delete a review app in the same ways as any other app. For example, here are two easy ways:

With Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the app's settings page. The url looks like https://dashboard.heroku.com/apps/my-app-pr-123/settings. You can get there by clicking the name of the review app in the pipeline, then clicking the settings tab.
  2. Click the "Delete app..." button.
  3. Type the name of your review app again to confirm.

With the CLI

  1. Run heroku apps:delete --app my-app-pr-123
  2. Type the name of your review app again to confirm.

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