Why is my Heroku Connect usage contributing to my Salesforce org's Streaming API rate limit?


I read that Heroku Connect provides free unlimited Salesforce Streaming API events, but Heroku Connect is still counting against my quota of daily Streaming API events.


All Heroku Connect connections that have authenticated (or re-authenticated) their Salesforce orgs as of April 5, 2017 are exempt from the Streaming API event limit. Streaming events for these connections will not count against the daily event rate limit.

It's likely that your connection was authenticated prior to April 5, 2017. To check the date that you last authenticated:

  • View the connection in the Connect dashboard.
  • Click on "Settings" and then "Manage Salesforce".
  • Check the "Last Authenticated" date under the Connection Details.

If you last authenticated prior to April 5, 2017, you simply need to re-authorize your credentials to get free unlimited Salesforce Streaming API events through Heroku Connect.

Note: Other Streaming API rate limits still apply, such as the maximum number of active PushTopics that your Salesforce organization is allowed to have.

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