Information on Heroku's pricing and usage


You have some questions regarding how you will be billed for Heroku's services.


Heroku invoices are generated by your monthly usage of our services. For example, if you receive an invoice in February, it will be for the entire month of January's usage.

  • As a Personal account holder, and/or Team admin, you'll pay for usage accrued in the previous month
  • Usage is pro-rated to the second, so you're only charged for what you use

Heroku maintains a concise set of documentation in our Dev Center that addresses many questions related to usage & billing, as well as the billing cycle.

Please refer to our main site for further information:

Pricing calculator

Please use the Heroku pricing calculator to help compute costs to run your app on Heroku by selecting the number of dynos, data services, add-ons, Teams, CI/CD & Support to your estimate.

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