How do I monitor my Free Dyno Hours quota?


You want to find out how much of your Free Dyno hours quota you've used this month.


You can monitor your Free Dyno Hours quota and usage in your Heroku Dashboard or by using the Heroku CLI. Usage metrics are not live and may be delayed up to one day.

Using the Heroku Dashboard

Visit your Billing page:

Using the Heroku CLI

Option 1: Show usage in hours

$ heroku ps -a app-name

Free dyno hours quota remaining this month: 799h 43m (79%)
Free dyno usage for this app: 200h 16m (20%)

Option 2: Show usage in seconds

$ heroku user:info
. . .
account_quota:             3600000
quota_used:                614439

Please refer to the document here -, which explains the 'Removal of Heroku Free Product Plans FAQ'.

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