How do I change the dyno plan used by Heroku Scheduler?


I'm running tasks on Heroku Scheduler but I don't know how to change the dyno plan used to run the tasks.


Heroku Scheduler spins one-off dynos to run your scheduled jobs. For one-off dynos-

  • Apps using free or hobby dynos will use the same plan for one-off dynos as well.
  • Apps using Professional Dynos (Standard and Performance) will let you choose any of the Professional plans for one-off dynos.

More information here:

For apps using Professional dynos, Heroku Scheduler will default to Standard-1X dynos. You can override this from the Heroku Scheduler dashboard.

Follow the steps below to change the plan:

  1. Click on the Heroku Scheduler Add-on from the Resources tab on the Dashboard or run the command heroku addons:open scheduler from the CLI.
  2. Click edit on your scheduled job (usually indicated with a pencil).
  3. Under Run Command, look for a dropdown that allows you to select the dyno plan.
  4. Save Job

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