Why did my "Current Usage" increase after deleting my applications?


You've recently deleted all of your Heroku applications but noticed that your Current Usage increased overnight.


Heroku displays Current Usage totals that include the previous day's usage. Your Current Usage does not include costs accrued during the current day's time frame. At midnight, we recalculate your usage and update it in the Dashboard.



  • A Heroku user views the Billing tab of their Dashboard on Monday
  • The user has also deleted several apps prior to viewing the Billing tab on Monday, as well.
  • Their Current Usage is shown as $5.00
  • Monday's usage reflects all accrued spend up until 12:00:01AM on Monday.

  • Tuesday, the same user views their Heroku usage and the Current Usage is $5.25
  • The usage on Tuesday reflects all accrued spend up until 12:00:01AM on Tuesday, which includes all usage calculations that were not shown for Monday.

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