Why can't Heroku Connect reload my table?


I'm trying to reload a table in Heroku Connect. I'm seeing this message in my logs, but nothing seems to be happening:

RELOAD TABLE <table_name>


Before a table can be reloaded, Heroku Connect attempts to do the following things:

  • Drop the trigger on your table that Heroku Connect originally created.
  • Clear the table of all data.

If your connection is stuck with RELOAD TABLE <table_name> in the logs, it means that Heroku Connect is still waiting for the above steps to complete. The common cause for waiting a long time is the presence of locks on the table. You can verify whether or not this is the case by installing the pg-extras CLI plugin and running heroku pg:locks -a APP to view all of the database locks.

You can kill off queries that are causing the locks with the pg:kill CLI command.

Once you've killed the locking queries, the table should reload. You'll know that you've gotten past the step of dropping the triggers and clearing the table if you see this in your logs: Cleared table <table_name> for load.

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