Why is following a Private Heroku Postgres slow?


I created a follower Heroku Postgres that follows a Private-tier Heroku Postgres in a different Private Space. It seems to work but update of data in the follower lags behind the primary Heroku Postgres for at least a few minutes. The follower logs something like below to the app logs:

app[postgres.7]: [ONYX] [552-1]  sql_error_code = 00000 LOG:  restored log file "000000030000137B00000059" from archive

I would like to make updates quicker.


Please ask us to enable Trusted IP ranges for data services for the Private Space in which the leader runs, if not yet done so, and include the public IP address of the follower Heroku Postgres to the list of Trusted IP ranges. The public IP address of the follower can be found with looking up the hostname of the Postgres server.

This makes it possible to directly fetch updates from the leader. After a few minutes, the follower Postgres may log something like below to the app logs and updates would become quicker:

app[postgres.17740]: [ONYX] [4-1]  sql_error_code = 00000 LOG:  started streaming WAL from primary at 137E/1A000000 on timeline 3

Please note that the updates on the follower Postgres may still observe delays if updates to the leader is active or plan of the follower is too small.

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