How can I remove SSO from my Heroku account


My account is using SSO to login to Heroku services. I need it to be removed from using SSO.


When your Heroku account is using SSO it is federated to your enterprise team or account identity provider (IdP) for authentication. Once this happens the account no longer belongs to you, it now belongs to the team/account it is federated to.

To remove SSO on your account, you need to contact your Heroku team and Identity Provider admin. Alternatively, a ticket needs to be opened with the Heroku support team at, and the request should come from an admin of your enterprise team or a user who has the manage permission on your enterprise account. Which user this will be, depends on if your account uses the IdP from your enterprise team or enterprise account.

If you personally open the ticket our support team will ask for approval from one of the above users.

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