MFA -Lost Verifier


How can users recover access if they forget or lose their verification method?


Registering multiple MFA verification methods is strongly recommended.

If you're a member of a Heroku Enterprise Account and need help with recovering access when your MFA verification method is not available:

  • Your Enterprise Account admin (with manage permissions and MFA enabled) can generate a temporary verification code that allows you to log in to your account (starting August 2021). They can generate it from the Enterprise Account Access tab > Click the pencil icon next to the user > Edit User window pops up > Click "Send MFA Recovery Token".
  • If they don't see the "Send MFA Recovery Token" button for some reason, you can contact support for help.

If you're not a member of a Heroku Enterprise Account:

We may request additional information to recover access to ensure that an attacker is not attempting to access your account.

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