What do I need to do about my upcoming Salesforce site switch?


I received an email from Salesforce about a "Site Switch". What do I need to do to ensure that Connect continues to operate?


When Salesforce performs a site switch, your Salesforce org will go into read-only mode, or may be completely unavailable, depending on details in the maintenance status found on https://status.salesforce.com/status/maintenances/{some_maintenance_num}. There are a few steps you can take, depending on the configuration of your mappings and the Availability Status during Site Switch per maintenance notice:

Availability Status: Not Available

Since Salesforce will not be available, Heroku Connect will encounter errors when connecting to it. Although Heroku Connect will retry connecting with incremental back off periods, its best to pause your connection for the duration of the maintenance if you have Read-Write mappings.

Availability Status: Read-only mode

Read-Only Mappings

If all of your mappings are read only, you don't need to do anything before the site switch.

Read-Write Mappings

Connect is designed to detect that Salesforce is in read-only mode and retry sending changes while Salesforce is unavailable. If you want to be completely in control of how Connect works, you may wish to pause your connection from Connect's Dashboard just before the Site Switch starts. This will ensure that any data written to your database gets successfully synced after the site switch completes.

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