Can I have a partial refund for an incident, maintenance, or other outage?


You'd like to get a refund from Heroku due to an an Heroku-based incident or maintenance event that caused your application to be unavailable.


Heroku does not offer refunds for outages. We work extremely hard to prevent downtime from occurring, respond to and restore service during outages, and take remediation action to prevent these outages from occurring again. Unfortunately, downtime is an inevitable part of providing a service like Heroku. Our promise to you:

  • We'll do everything we can to achieve 100% uptime
  • We will never achieve 100% uptime, but when we fall short, we'll explain why and how we'll do better next time

We communicate about the status of our service as well as provide full transparency into our remediation actions on all major incidents on our status site.

We understand outages adversely affect you, and for that we are truly sorry. It is natural to feel that your trust in our service has been compromised. However, our rapid response and remediation of downtime events is part of the service we provide. We hope that, in reflection, this experience helps solidify your trust in our service. You can expect that we will handle any future events with the same amount of speed, professionalism, and transparency.

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