I'm a collaborator. Can I upgrade from free to paid resources to keep apps running and retain data?

Collaborators on Personal Apps

Collaborators on personal apps can upgrade dynos from free or eco to any plan except for free or eco. Collaborators can't add paid add-ons.

If the app has eco dynos that are scaled to 0, the app owner must first subscribe to the Eco dynos plan and have dyno hours remaining before a collaborator can scale up eco dynos. Otherwise, the collaborator can upgrade the dynos to another paid plan to scale up the app.

If a collaborator wants the app to use Eco dynos or paid add-ons, contact the app owner to get them to subscribe to Eco or add/upgrade to paid add-ons.

Collaborators on Heroku Teams

Collaborators on Heroku Teams have the operate permission on apps. They can upgrade dynos to any plan available to Heroku Teams and add or upgrade paid add-ons. See the instructions for upgrading from free to paid resources here.

See our blog post and the Removal of Heroku Free Product Plans FAQ for more info related to the ending of free plans.

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