I’m getting an error when I try to provision a Heroku Connect add-on


You've purchased Heroku Connect, and you're attempting to use either the Heroku Dashboard or the heroku addons:create CLI command to create either a herokuconnect:enterprise or herokuconnect:shield addon, but you're receiving one of these error messages:

  • The enterprise add-on plan is only available to teams who are licensed to use Heroku Connect
  • The shield add-on plan is only available to teams who are licensed to use Heroku Shield Connect


If you purchased Heroku Connect but can't provision the add-on, there can be a few different causes.

Recent changes to your Salesforce contract

If you very recently signed a new contract or renewed an existing one (in the past day or so), there may be a short delay while the contract is processed before you can create your add-on. You can contact your Salesforce Account Executive (AE) to check on the status of your contract. If it's being delayed for some reason, they should be able to notify you once it's ready.

Pre-2016 Heroku Connect customers

We've made some changes to the way we validate Heroku Connect licenses that may affect some of our earliest Connect customers. If you originally purchased Connect prior to 2016, please file a support ticket indicating the issue so that we can make the required changes in our internal systems.

Other situations

If neither of those apply to you, open a support ticket and our team will be happy to help.

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