Heroku Connect Response and FAQs to the Salesforce Permissions Incident in May of 2019


During the Salesforce connections permission incident beginning on May 17th, Heroku Connect experienced degraded performance as a result of being unable to establish connections with the majority of the Salesforce instances.

At the time, there was not a known list of affected instances so we paused connections as a precautionary measure. As soon as we received a list of Salesforce instances where the issue had been resolved or unaffected, we then unpaused those connections.

This document details various FAQs related to this incident in regards to the Heroku Connect connections.


How were production and sandbox connections affected differently?

Only production connections were automatically remediated on the Salesforce side. We unpaused those production connections as soon as we were notified the issue had been resolved. This means that some sandbox connections will require further action before you will be able to unpause those connections without producing further errors.

Why is my sandbox connection still paused?

If your sandbox connection is still paused, it is because it has not yet had its corresponding Salesforce instance's permissions issue resolved.

Sandbox connections that were affected by this incident will need to either be
a.) refreshed in Salesforce and have the Heroku Connect connection remapped or
b.) manually have their permissions updated and have the Heroku Connection connection unpaused

Salesforce has detailed some of the instructions here (https://success.salesforce.com/issues_view?Id=a1p3A000001SHDl) but if you have any questions about detailed process or which option is best for your instance, please contact your Salesforce representative or Salesforce support.

How long were connections paused for?

Your Heroku Connect Audit Logs will contain a history of any connection pausing and unpausing that may have occurred. You can access these logs by going to the Heroku Connect Dashboard, clicking the "Logs" tab and switching the "Log Type" to "Audit Messages".

From there you can look for Messages with the following content to find

Connect Service paused the connection
Connect Service resumed the connection

to find the exact time your connections were paused and unpaused.

Where can I find a more detailed timeline of the incident?

For a more detailed timeline of the incident, please refer to the Heroku and Salesforce incident pages.


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