Apple has rejected my application because Heroku does not support IPv6


As of June 1st 2016, Apple requires all AppStore submissions to work on IPv6 only networks.


Apple is not requiring that an application only communicate via IPv6. What Apple requires is that applications support IPv6-only networks in case the application is running within one.

For example, applications may not use an IPv4 address (ex. in order to check for a network connection, as this will always fail in an IPv6 environment. A device running on an IPv6 network will have access to a NAT64 gateway which provides seamless access to IPv4 networks and is invisible to the device.

We recommend that you check out how your app manages it's networking and network requests, and then clarify the particular points with Apple if necessary. Note that using domain name-based resolution is almost always preferred over a static IP address. Using static, hardcoded IPv4 IPs is the most common failure we've seen with App Store submissions for apps using a backend on Heroku.

When we do have IPv6 support or any news about it, we will announce it via our blog and changelog.

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