Before opening a Ticket


You've run into an issue while using Heroku and would like to learn more about how to solve the issue.


Many issues encountered while using Heroku can be resolved by reading our documentation in our Dev Center, or by searching with useful keywords on You could also search in StackOverflow and find a similar issue posting.

When using the Heroku knowledge base for the first time, we encourage you to select the tile that's most relevant to the topic of your issue before opening a support ticket. Our knowledge base is maintained and updated regularly by our support engineers and aims to help you locate answers to your questions.

Helpful tips when creating a ticket

We recommend providing as much detail as possible in your initial reply in order to speed the time of resolution or your issue. As a baseline, we recommend providing the following information:


  • Summarize the issue clearly and in detail.
  • Provide the name of the affected component (application, team, pipeline, add-on, etc)
  • Provide the steps to reproduce the issue you are experiencing
    • This could be a series of commands or a step-by-step walkthrough of the Dashboard
  • Any screen-shots of the issue, if available

Application-related details:

  • Indicate if the application is owned by a Team or Personal Heroku account
  • If the issue is Pipeline-related, specify the name of the affected Pipeline
  • If the issue is Add-on related, specify the components and/or applications that are affected

Application issues

You will often find that your logs will have the information necessary to resolve your issue, allowing you to do so quickly. You can view your logs by running this CLI command:

$ heroku logs --tail --app your_app_name

Error codes

If you are seeing Heroku error codes (e.g., H10, H12, or R10) in your logs, you can read about why these happen, as well as suggested fixes on our Dev Center article: Heroku Error Codes

HTTPS, TLS/SSL, Custom domains, and DNS issues

We have a lot of information available to help you in our Dev Center:

Billing concerns

For questions regarding invoices, payment issues, etc., we recommend viewing our Billing, Verification & Payments portion of Heroku's knowledge base as a starting point.

Select the appropriate category of the issue

General Platform Features,
Account Management,
Domains & Routing,
Billing, Verification & Payments,
Heroku Postgres,
Heroku Connect,
Heroku Redis,
Heroku Kafka,
CI, Pipelines & Review apps,
Platform Error Codes,
Command Line Tools.

Providing Read-Only Access Permission

If possible grant temporary read-only access to your application/account. This is to make troubleshooting the issue faster.

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