What happens if my credit card cannot be verified by Heroku?


You've been unable add a credit card to your Personal Heroku Account or Heroku Team.


If you are not able to verify your account, you will be limited to using the parts of Heroku that do not require verification, including Add-ons. Heroku Support is unable to force accounts to be verified; account verification is achievable only by adding a valid credit card.

Heroku requires credit or debit card verification as a security measure. We perform a $1 USD temporary pre-authorization transaction as a credit security check to ensure your card details are correct and authorized. These temporary holds can appear on your statement for up to 7 days, but we are not actually charging you and no funds transfer from your card to Heroku.

You must verify your account if you, or collaborators of your app, want to:

  • Use more than one dyno in the app
  • Add any Add-on, even if the Add-on is free
  • Add a custom domain
  • Receive a transfer of an application that has paid resources
  • Exceed the default one-off dyno limits
  • Have more than 5 apps at a time

For more information on account verification, please visit our Dev Center for more information:

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