How do I add a user with Admin privileges to an Enterprise account?


You need to add a new user with admin permissions on the Enterprise account, and there are no existing admins available to manage the Enterprise account.


In order to maintain account security, we first ask if you could work with your IT department to recover the email account of the existing admin. Once recovered, the password could be reset at:

This would allow you to login and add new users to the Enterprise account with specified permissions. Further information on how to add new users to an Enterprise account can be found at:

If it is not possible to recover the existing admin email, a support ticket could be opened to request access:

In order to prove ownership of an Enterprise account, Heroku requires a formal letter as a request from a C-Level executive officer (for example, your CEO, CIO, CFO, or Business Owner), including their handwritten signature in order to be added to the Enterprise account. The letter would need to be attached to the opened support ticket, and the requirements for the letter are as follows:

  1. What is the current Enterprise account name you are requesting to be added to?
  2. What is the email address you would need to have added to the Enterprise account?
  3. Why is the change is necessary?
  4. What is the contract number for the existing Enterprise account?
  5. Include your C-level executive officer's signature in ink.
  6. Include your C-level executive officer's title and email address.

Once the letter has been received, the contents and request will be reviewed.

If approved, we will make the requested change and notify (via email from the support ticket) the user requesting access and the C-level executive authorizing the change.

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