Why do I see "Gateway declined: avs" when trying to pay my bill or update my card?


Your card has not been processed successfully and you are seeing a Gateway declined: avs message.


AVS stands for Address Verification System. The zip code and street address you enter must match what your bank has on file for the card.

If youre confident you have the correct street address, we recommend trying to enter it in different ways to see what works, as it depends on how it's formatted with your bank.

Only numeric values are checked, so abbreviations and capitalization (St versus STREET or North versus N.) will not make a difference. However, changing the way the numbers are entered can affect the results (Fifth versus 5th or 22-01 Sushi St versus 22-1 Sushi St versus Sushi St 22-1).

If it continues not to work despite trying many different configurations, you may need to use a different card entirely.

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