Can I use Heroku Connect / Redis / Kafka with Shield Private Spaces?


Yes, Apache Kafka on Heroku Shield is now available. No, Heroku Redis is not currently certified for use with Shield Private Spaces.


The only Shield-tier Heroku Products are:

  • Shield Private Spaces (Runtime)
  • Shield Postgres (Database)
  • Shield Connect (Data Sync)
  • Apache Kafka on Heroku Shield (Queue)

Shield-tier versions of Heroku Redis do not exist. You can, however, provision non-Shield add-ons to apps running in a Shield Private Space, both 3rd party add-ons and (non-Shield) Heroku Redis. Note that such add-ons do not have the additional security features that come with Shield-tier Heroku services, so they should not be used with apps that require shield-level compliance.

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