Why am I seeing connection errors for my Heroku Postgres database from an unexpected IP address? What are these unauthorized connection attempts?


I'm seeing failed connection attempts in my Heroku Postgres logs, but I'm not creating these connections and they come from an IP address that I don't recognize. It looks like someone might be trying to hack my database:

sql_error_code = 28000 FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "postgres", database "postgres", SSL off

Variations of the above error might include the user being set to root, admin, test, or other default usernames.


These errors indicate a failed login attempt was made to your database, which means that the connection wasn't established.

It is common to see failed connection attempts that use default usernames (such as user "postgres", database "postgres"). Being on the public internet means some level of unauthorized access attempts are possible. These are very unsophisticated attempts that usually involve trying combinations like root, psql, test and postgres. However, Heroku Postgres usernames, passwords, and database name combinations are randomly generated, making these generic access attempts futile.

Another common cause of the sql_error_code=28000, particularly when it involves the "unsupported frontend protocol" message is the use of tools like nmap. Read more about the "unsupported frontend protocol" message.

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