Why did you copy the same agreements to heroku.com that are already on the Salesforce Legal agreement site?


Address customer questions following this email sent on August 17, 2020 notifying customers of the changes to their Terms of Service:

Dear Heroku Customer,

This notice is to inform you that effective October 1, 2020, the Salesforce Main Services Agreement (“MSA”) will govern your use of the Heroku Services. Note: If you have entered into a written main services agreement executed by salesforce.com for the Heroku Services, there is no change and your written salesforce.com main services agreement will continue to govern.

Online Customers of Heroku Services (i.e. Customers paying with a credit card and Customers with a free Heroku Services subscription), and Heroku Elements Marketplace providers and users, are subject to these Additional Terms, as applicable. If you are domiciled in Italy, you will be required to provide additional information and accept the applicable Additional Terms.

If you continue to participate in and use the Heroku Services and Heroku Elements Marketplace on or after October 1, 2020, your use will constitute acceptance of the MSA and the Additional Terms. We hope you continue to enjoy all the benefits and experience of the Heroku Services.

Thank you for being a part of our Heroku community and a valued customer.


We want our developer community to have easy access to our agreements. Many developers rely on search terms to determine what is permitted and not permitted on the Heroku platform. The copies of our agreements on heroku.com enable our community to continue to find these terms easily using search engines and browser “find in page” functions . The official version is located on the Salesforce website at https://www.salesforce.com/company/legal/agreements/.

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