Why is heroku.yml file is being ignored in the Private Space application deployed on Container Registry & Runtime?


I have deployed an application which consists of one or more Dockerfiles for each process type in Private Space which is built on Container Registry & Runtime. The app also consists of a heroku.yml file with the run section which defines the commands that need to be started on each process type.

However, looking into the app logs, it seems like the platform is running the command defined in the CMD line on Dockerfile. If CMD isn't defined an empty process is run that immediately exists with a status 0.


Unfortunately, applications deployed in Private Spaces doesn't honor the run section in heroku.yml file yet. Instead platform looks up the command defined as CMD in Dcokerfile. We would recommend you define the process that needs to be run as CMD in the Dockerfile.

If your app is having more than one process type for the app, heroku.yml needs to list corresponding Dockerfiles like:

    web: Dockerfile
    worker: Dockerfile.worker

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