How do I prepare for a Salesforce Sandbox Refresh?


I have Heroku Connect provisioned against a Salesforce Sandbox Organization and I'm preparing a Sandbox Refresh. I would like to prepare my application and Heroku Connect for the refresh.


The following configuration needs to be noted and exported from an existing Connection in preparation for a Sandbox Refresh:

  1. Take note of the following settings which need to be managed manually:

    1. collaborators on your connection and their notification settings
    2. whether you've enabled Connect's beta logplex integration
    3. the write algorithm you have configured Connect to use
    4. the API version you're using
  2. Export your configuration from the Connect Dashboard. Click Settings, then click Import/Export Configuration, then click the Export Configuration button.

Once your sandbox has refreshed, your connection should be marked as Inactive. You can destroy that connection and follow the rest of the steps to recreate a connection

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