Node Knockout 2017 Heroku FAQ


Answering common questions about Heroku and Node Knockout


How much does it cost to run a Node server?

Heroku accounts come with a set of free dyno hours, 1000 for verified accounts. That's enough to run a free dyno all month. You can read more about how free dyno hours work here.

Additionally, as part of the competition you should receive a code that will permanently increase that limit by an additional 500 hours, which means you should be able to run two free dynos full time, and that increase will not go away after the competition. This credit is only being used when your dynos are running, tracked by the second, so you can spin up many free dynos for shorter periods without exceeding your hour limit if needed.

I don't want to put in my credit card / I don't have a credit card

Not a problem! Unverified accounts receive 550 free dyno hours. With the additional 500 hours provided by the code that is 1050 free dyno hours per month, which is enough to run a free dyno full time with hours left over to run a worker process. No credit card required.

How much memory do free dynos have?


You can read more about the dyno types available here:

How can I store data?

Heroku dynos have an ephemeral filesystem which means that you should not rely on the filesystem for storage. We recommend using the free tier from one of our add-ons to store your application's data:


or choose from one of the other Node Knockout sponsors who are providing data services.

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