Cedar-14 End-of-Life FAQ

What additional resources are available to assist with upgrading your apps?
Step-by-step documentation is available to assist you with upgrading. Additionally, Heroku Enterprise customers can engage with their CSA to determine a strategy and timeline that works for your business.

Will apps on the Cedar-14 stack continue to run after the End-of-Life window? When will my app be shut down?
Yes, apps will continue to run for the foreseeable future. We highly encourage you to upgrade to a supported stack as these apps will receive limited technical support, and are run at your own risk. They will not receive security updates or technical support after May 1, 2020.

Will apps on the Cedar-14 stack continue to build during the End-of-Life window?
Yes, apps on the Cedar-14 stack will continue to build until May 1, 2020, as we want to provide customers ample time to upgrade to a supported stack.

I upgraded my app to a supported stack but my app no longer works as expected, can I rollback to Cedar-14?
Yes, you can rollback an app that has been upgraded to a supported stack to Cedar-14, see this Dev Center article.

What breaking changes are known when upgrading from Cedar-14?

Do apps on the Cedar-14 stack receive technical support?
The Cedar-14 stack is no longer a supported stack and will receive limited technical support.

When is the Cedar-14 stack End-of-Life?
The Cedar-14 stack is end-of-life as of May 1, 2019 per the stack update policy.

Will the Cedar-14 stack receive security updates during the end-of-life window?
Yes, the Cedar-14 stack will continue to receive security updates until the end of the end-of-life window.

Was the Cedar-14 stack deprecated before end-of-life?
Yes, the Cedar-14 stack was deprecated on May 3, 2018 per the stack update policy.

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