Why isn't my connection using the Bulk API to write to Salesforce?


My connection is using SOAP to write to Salesforce instead of Bulk, which is much slower. How can I speed this up?


Please review the SOAP vs Bulk API documentation to ensure that you're meeting the requirements for using Bulk.

To confirm whether you are inserting consecutive changes to the same mapping, you can use this query. Note that it can be fairly slow depending on how many updates are in your _trigger_log table. If your connection uses a custom schema, change salesforce._trigger_log to <yourschema>._trigger_log in the innermost query.

  min(table_name) as mapping,
  min(created_at) as first_created_at,
  count(*) as consecutive_rows
from (
    sum(group_flag) over (order by created_at) as grp
  from (
      when lag(table_name) over (order by created_at) = table_name then null
      else 1
      end as group_flag
    from salesforce._trigger_log
  ) t1
) t2
group by grp
order by 2;

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