Where can I add my VAT or GST ID so it appears on my invoice?


You'd like to add your VAT or GST ID so that it displays on your invoices for compliance.


To add a VAT or GST ID to your Heroku invoices, add this information to your Personal account or Team's billing page.

Personal accounts

  • To add a VAT/GST ID to a Personal Heroku account, select Account Settings in the upper right-hand corner of the Dashboard.
  • Select the Billing option at the top of the page, under the header of Manage Account
  • Select Add invoice address at the bottom of the Billing tab
  • Populate the field Other with your VAT/GST ID

Heroku Teams

To add a VAT or GST ID to your Heroku Team invoices, navigate to the Billing tab of your Heroku Team.

  • Select Change Credit Card
  • Replace the card on file with the original card, or add a new card
  • Add VAT/GST ID under the field Additional information
  • It is required that you update the card on file to update the information displayed on your invoice.

Past invoices

Once you've added a VAT/GST ID, please reach out to the Billing Support team to re-issue invoices with the updated information. The Heroku Billing support team will be able to update the current invoice and 2 month's prior invoices.

If you make a change to your invoice address in March, we'll be able to re-issue January, February, and March's invoices. Older invoices can not be re-issued.

Further resources

We've compiled a help article that answers questions related to updating address information. Please view this resource, as it's a related topic.


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